CSM S.r.l. is a port company that carries out all operations related to the handling of commodities to be stuffed or unstuffed from containers, trucks and railway cars, combined with warehouse storage, picking and packaging of goods, commodities, plant components and industrial products. The Company also offers a complete range of complementary services.

CSM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified business operating in line with ISO14001 standard. The Company manages and finds new solutions to complex logistic projects, offering a wide range of integrated logistic services, including:

  • Box transport from/to unloading/loading terminals;
  • Box unstuffing with commodities transfer to warehouses and/or service areas;
  • Commodities deposit/storage in warehouses/service areas, including in Temporary Storage Custom Regime;
  • LIFE authorized coffee deposits and LMS authorized metal deposits;
  • Special equipment box stuffing;
  • Gripping and provision of dunnage for cargo covering;
  • Packaging;
  • VAT deposit management.
Relying on its fleet of self-owned and hired vehicles, CSM also coordinates transport services related to:
  • Commodities transferred from/to the Centre’s warehouses;
  • Complete loads on national and international routes;
  • Special transports (oversize/overweight/exceptional and specialized transports).


  • 3 Reach Stackers - 45 ton capacity;
  • 1 Reach Stacker- 12 ton capacity;
  • 1 Fork Lift - 16 ton capacity;
  • 1 Fork Lift - 32 ton capacity;
  • 10 electrical and diesel trailers (loading capacity range: 2,0-4,0 tons);
  • 2 trucks and trailers for container and cargo transport;
  • 2 tipper semi-trailers.